Santa Claus Minneapolis – St Paul, Twin Cities – Real Bearded Santa

                         Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Boe!
    I am a real bearded authentic Santa serving the Twin Cities & surrounding areas. 

Since I was a child I wanted to grow up and be Santa!!

The memories of Santa visiting me and my four brothers every year was the highlight of our Christmases during our childhood. The Christmas spirit has been alive in my heart ever since. 

I reenacted these visits by portraying Santa for my three sons as they grew. The awe and delight on their faces and their excitement at seeing and visiting with Santa in their own home are moments and memories they and I still treasure. It was purely magical!

Santa is known for his kindness, gentleness and generosity, but is best known for his goodness, hence the moniker of  “Good St. Nick”. He evokes goodness and kindness. He recognizes and rewards this same goodness and kindness in children around the world every year at Christmas. He keeps close tabs on the Nice List.  So, “Be good for goodness sake.”

As I portray jolly old St. Nick, I wish to embody goodness and kindness at all times and keep these attributes front and center in mind and heart.

I wish to keep the spirit of Christmas alive and since I have retired it is my full time passion. My 42 year career as an aircraft mechanic has given me a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of flying which is a great advantage now that I am Santa. It also assists me in maintaining my sleigh and keeping it in pristine working order! 

As Santa, I bring the Christmas spirit, smiles, awe, joy, and excitement to children and adults alike. My intention is to bring happiness into the lives of all those I encounter. And maybe, something a bit more significant that has the potential to turn a heart, change an attitude or possibly be a life-enriching experience or gift. I keep the goal of being good and kind next to my heart and I strive to be an example of goodness, kindness and caring to each and every person.

If you need a skating Santa, Santa Boe can also skate! 

I am excited to share the magic of Christmas with kids of all ages and to enjoy the sparkle in their eyes when seeing Good ol’ St. Nick!

I am primarily a Twin Cities Santa, however further travel will also be considered. (I’ll just need to prep my sleigh).

Santa Home Visits, Zoom Virtual Visits, Company Christmas parties, Breakfast (I love pancakes) with Santa, Storytime with Santa, Ice skating with Santa: Santa Boe has experience with all of these and more. Santa will make each one an unforgettable Christmas event. If you are looking for an authentic Santa personality, a real bearded Santa, and a Santa with the Jolliest HoHoHo, look no further than Santa Boe.

Santa Boe is a real bearded Santa Claus available for hire at your Home Party or Business Get-togethers and Corporate Events. Photo Sittings, Tree Lightings and Parades may also be arranged.

Special Santa Delivery or Clue

Imagine Santa showing up with a special present….it could happen. Or, imagine a Zoom Virtual Visit from Santa announcing a new car in the driveway, a special trip, or giving clues to hidden presents…Christmas with Santa can be a lot of fun!

Past Clients

Hyatt Regency
Delta Air Lines
Make-a-wish Foundation
Granite City food & brewery
DECA National
Mr.Fun @ Funtime Funktions
St. Croix Elementary School

Santa for hire - Minnesota - Afton, Eden Prairie

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