Santa Claus Boe, an authentic Santa Claus with a real beard makes personal and professional visits and appearances!

Servicing the greater Minneapolis, St.Paul, Twin Cities metro areas

Santa Boe from St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota or Twin Cities metro area as modern, trendy, hipster, tailored Santa Claus.
Now Introducing Modern Santa!

Christmas just isn’t the same without a jolly, gentle, and lively visit from Santa Claus! With twinkling blue eyes, a snowy white beard, jolly demeanor and a robust HO! HO! HO! – Santa Boe delights children and believers of all ages.

Bring the spirit of Christmas magic to your event, home, party, or gathering by inviting a visit from Minneapolis’ premiere Santa Claus – Santa Boe!

 With a grand entrance and the roar of excitement, Santa Boe supercharges his visits with enthusiasm, eliciting smiles, eyes full of wonder, and joyful cheers! As a fully licensed and highly trained Santa Claus, he can answer the most inquisitive questions. He can even share stories that brings to life what it is like living at the North Pole with his busy elves, Mrs. Claus and his nine wonderful reindeer.

Making sure each child gets individual attention, Santa Boe embodies everything a real, authentic Santa Claus does and more. While reveling in the joy, wonder, and magic of the visit, he understands how to work with the camera whether still or video to ensure your Christmas memories have the desire look you want especially when hiring a professional Santa Claus.

Prior to your visit, let Santa Boe (or his helpers) know if you have any special gifts or instructions to make the visit a cherished and personalized memory! 

Santa Boe is available for most home or corporate events, parties, meetings, or gatherings.

Including: In-Home, Venue, On-Location, Office, and Corporate Christmas Parties, Tree Lightings, Parades, Breakfasts, Story-time, Sneak-a-peeks, Catch Santa, Meet-and-Greets, Casual or Professional Photography, and Zoom Virtual Visits. As a fully trained and versatile Santa Claus, Santa Boe is ready to make your experience an unforgettable Christmas!  

 If you are looking for a convincing Santa Claus personality with a real-beard and a joyful, jolly HO! HO! HO! – contact Santa Boe!!

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