Minnesota Santa Claus for In-Home Christmas Visits

Minnesota Santa Claus for In-Home Christmas Visits

Santa Boe - Minnesota Santa for hire

“Santa Boe’s look and personality are exactly as you would believe Santa to be. Twinkling eyes, gentle smile, real beard, real glasses, and a real belly laugh. His love for children is very obvious to both children and parents alike. He could be the real Santa Claus for all I know!” ~ Joe Thompson

Depending upon the desired visit, Santa Boe’s in-home visit can be simple or little more involved. As he makes his grand entrance, he will make his way around the room saying hello to everyone.

When he finds a special and comfortable place to sit, he shares a Christmas story and checks his list to make sure everyone is on the nice list while giving some encouragement to always do best.

He looks in his Santa sack to find and give something special, then he poses for photos with each person and a group photo of everyone together.

Gift giving is a pivotal moment, where any and all gifts are provided by the party planner.

Make Christmas magical with a In-Home Visit from Santa Boe, traveling the Twin Cities and Surrounding Area Homes

Santa Boe will arrive at your home, put the gifts you have left out for him into his bag and make a joyful and big entrance! The children were mesmerized by Santa’s authenticity and personality as he read them a story and held to our gift giving Christmas traditions. He wished everyone a “Very Merry Christmas!”, and headed back to the North Pole. He was exactly as you wished Santa Claus would be, Everything was Perfect!!” ~ Elizabeth from Fridley, MN

Santa Boe will come to your home dressed as Santa Claus, and ready to make his  “Grand Entrance”.  As a real-bearded Santa, his look and personality is exactly as you would believe Santa Claus to be. In-Home visits includes one on one time with Santa where the children may share their wishes and dreams, story time with a Christmas classic, gift giving (provided by visit organizer), individual and group photos. Yes! Photos with everyone, not just the children. With a small nudge, and if desired, Santa Boe loves to sing his favorite Christmas Carols. With a jolly “HOHOHO”, he wishes everyone a very “Merry Christmas!” as he leaves to return to the North Pole.

If you would like to have Santa Boe do something different or unique, feel welcome to to ask. Santa Claus wants to work with you to make your in-home visit special.

Another in-home and magical opportunity is a Santa Boe Sneak-A-Peek visit,  where children catch Santa delivering presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. See more information below..

We hired Santa Boe to come over on Christmas Eve and he was fantastic! He followed our family traditions of having Santa pass out presents to all family members, and then he read a Christmas story to all of the kids and sang Christmas carols. He was extremely attentive and kind.
We have already hired him back for this next Christmas!  ~ The Schmidt family

Catch Santa with a

SNEAK-A-PEEK Appointment!

Remember the excitement on the night before Christmas? As a child, wondering if Santa Claus would really come and, if the reindeer would make enough noise to hear? Oh the joy of waking up and catching Santa Claus as he puts presents under the tree!

When you schedule a “Sneak-A-Peek” with Santa Boe, your giving children the magical wish of watching Santa Claus deliver their presents for Christmas!.

Once the children have gone to sleep, Santa Boe will come to your house at the appointed time (between 10:00PM and 1:00AM). You will meet Santa Boe outside where you will give a present for each child to place under the tree.

After bringing Santa Boe to the Christmas tree, someone goes to wake up and gather the children to witness Santa Boe delivering the presents. Quietly bring the children to a place where they can watch Santa as he joyfully places the gifts under the tree and/or in the stockings. As he notices the milk and cookies, he takes a small break where the children overhear his commentary. When he appreciates the reindeer treats, the children are quietly ushered back to bed as Santa makes his exit.

Each Sneak-a-peek (or spying) visit lasts approximately 5-10 minutes. Remember, the children cannot talk to Santa Boe. Nor do they want to be seen by Santa because being caught would mean they are out of bed and not behaving. Therefore, it’s important that Santa Boe doesn’t catch everyone spying! 

Imagine the awe in seeing Santa Claus deliver the presents! Especially for those at the precious age of wanting to believe, yet somewhat doubting that Santa really does exist.  

The whole visit takes approximately 25-30 minutes from arrival to departure. 

Santa Boe schedules in-person visits throughout the year!

Santa Boe travels the Twin Cities metro area including the following suburbs, communities, and townships;  Bloomington, Sunfish Lake, Edina, Woodbury, Minnetonka, Apple Valley, Eagan, Eden Prairie, Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Plymouth, Golden Valley, Mound, Wayzata, Saint Louis Park, Lakeville, Chanhassen, Shorewood, Burnsville, and Maple Grove.

For more information about Santa Boe’s availability call, text or email
(952) 239-9521

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