Minneapolis-St. Paul Santa Boe Makes Festive Community Appearances

Minneapolis-St. Paul Santa Boe Makes Festive Community Appearances

People get together to celebrate Christmas for a variety of reasons, some include religious observances, family or friendship bonds, service to others, and acts of kindness. Yet, one of the best ways to create a fun, festive, and magical atmosphere is to invite Santa and/or Mrs. Claus to make a special visit.

As ambassadors of the Spirit of Christmas Magic, they remind us to think of others through the mantra “To Give is Better than To Receive”.

This in itself is the mission behind Santa Boe’s dedication to spending his time to spread Christmas cheer during end-of-year celebrations around the Minneapolis, St. Paul, and surrounding Twin Cities communities. 

Overall the theme of most of these holiday celebrations is one of love, togetherness, and sharing joy, Santa Boe does his best to represent the spirit of the Christmas season for all ages, young and old.

We invite you to contact Santa Boe and/or Mrs. Claus to participate in your event or party including parades, tree lightings, schools, churches, daycares, retail, home, or corporate parties. 

Santa Boe is available for a variety of events such as:
Parades, Tree Lightings, Non-profits, Corporate, Retail, Charity Events, Military Events, Schools and Hospital Visits
For more information about Santa Boe’s availability call, text or email
(952) 239-9521

or click here to fill in the form on the Contact Page


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