Santa Claus Minneapolis – St Paul Community Events

The Minnesota Vikings Santa, Santa Boe, visited with fans at the Vikings Voyage on December 26, 2021.

Santa Boe entertained many diehard Viking fans that day with his jolly HoHoHo’s  and cheering on the team during the pregame festivities. Santa Claus posed with fans who were delighted with Santa’s visit. Santa Boe was honored to get a picture of himself with a few of the Minnesota Vikings cheerleaders who were of course cheering on the Minnesota Vikings team. Santa’s Minnesota Vikings visit included a charge to rouse the fans with a Skol chant in front of the massive drum which makes thunderous sounds adding to a competitive atmosphere in the stadium.


Look for Minnesota Vikings Santa Boe this Christmas Eve as he will be attending the Vikings game On December 24th this year. Santa Boe will be sitting right behind the goal post enjoying the game, visiting with fans and posing for pictures. At the conclusion of the game, Santa Boe will be heading directly to the North Pole to have a few cookies and some milk. After that Santa Claus will take off with his trusty reindeer into the night: going up and down chimneys delivering gifts to good girls and boys and spreading the Spirit of Christmas throughout the world.

Minnesota Wild Santa

The Minnesota Wild Santa, Santa Boe, has always loved to skate and especially outdoors with all his elves.  Minnesota Wild is Santa’s favorite team. Anytime Santa Boe gets a chance to watch the Wild play is always a delight.

On December 16th, 2022, at the Minnesota Wild game against the Chicago Blackhawks, Santa Boe will be at the ice arena in person! Santa Claus will be available for photos while cheering on the Wild, greeting fans and posing for photos with children and adults. You never know where you may see the Minnesota Wild Santa that night; Santa Boe may be riding along on the Zamboni,  dropping the ceremonial first puck or Santa Boe might even be seen in one of the suites cheering the Wild onto victory!







Christmas Eve is just around the corner for Santa Claus and his elves, so after the game, he will be heading directly to the North Pole to ensure that all is running smoothly in the toy factory and preparations are underway for a seamless and extraordinary Christmas Eve flight and gift delivery.

Santa Claus Minneapolis-St. Paul Community Appearances

Santa Boe travels about the community Minneapolis, Saint Paul and surrounding area spreading Christmas joy!

Hohoho! Sharing a hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day with a young entrepreneur. What a delightful experience. And, he’s on the Nice List!

There’s nothing like sharing a beautiful December day with man’s BEST friend! A fun day at the dog park with Fynley, a Cavalier King Charles.

Walking over the Stone Arch Bridge greeting others who have dared to brave the cold.

Santa Boe getting a little frosty at one of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes. It’s so wonderful to meet other folks who out enjoying our white frosty winters!

Santa Boe enjoying some ice time at the Bloomington Ice Garden.

Santa took my hands and skated backwards, directing me how to push off with my blades. He was so nice and helpful with a Jolly HoHoho. Who would have thought my first encounter with ice skating would be with Santa! An unforgettable experience!

   Santa Boe sharing some tips with a little hockey player on the ice. This young man will be a great asset to the NHL with The Minnesota Wild I’m sure!

Mayor Tim Busse   Bloomington

Coffee with a cop; the ones who keep our community safe.

Local Event Appearances
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