Santa Boe made a media appearance in
The Secrets of Christmas Revealed

Broadcasted nationally on FOX

There is an on-going arrangement with the North Pole home office where Santa Boe is prepared and available to fill in for Santa Claus since he is very busy making toys. As an “Ambassador” for Santa Claus and the North Pole, Santa Boe is a real-bearded Claus ready to represent Christmas with a joyful and merry demeanor. 

Although Santa can be in many places, he can’t be in more than one place at the exact same time! This is why Santa Claus relies on the help and experience of Santa Boe to loudly spread cheer for all to hear!

One might even wonder, if Santa Boe is indeed the real Santa Claus?! Especially when Santa Boe makes media appearances for photos, videos, movies, or TV as Santa Claus given he has a real-beard, twinkly eyes, a jolly laugh, and a robust “Ho Ho Ho”.  


Santa Boe is the perfect Santa Claus for Photography, Film, Television, Commercials, Promotions, Company or Corporate videos especially with his authentic beard and joyful demeanor.

As a photogenic Santa Claus, Santa Boe is an ideal model for photos, videos, and many other advertising needs.

Personalized Videos

Looking for a Santa Claus to create a personalized and custom video? Santa Boe is able to create and provide videos speaking directly to a child or children by name. Feel the excitement as children are surprised to hear Santa Claus mention them by name!

Santa Boe loves to share stories about the elves, as they can be rather silly, forgetful, or clumsy at times. With a little help from you, Santa Boe can even create content retelling information that is specific to your family, child, or children.

Personal videos are amazing as they can be played or shared anytime over and over again!  

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