Santa Boe is a Minnesota Vikings Santa!

Santa Boe is a Minnesota Vikings Santa!

For the past few years, the Minnesota Vikings have had the pleasure of inviting Santa Boe to join in some pregame festivities at the Viking Voyage, a unique and interactive space inside U.S. Bank Stadium during the holiday season.

This honor has earned him the affectionate nickname as the ‘Minnesota Vikings Santa.’

During the exclusive Viking Voyage interactive experience, Santa Boe takes the time to pose for photos with fans before making his way to the legendary (single)game and annual suites. There, he spreads holiday cheer with a hearty ‘Ho! Ho! Ho!’ and poses for even more photos.

Don’t forget Santa Boe’s spirited ‘Ho! Ho! Ho!’ cheer for his beloved Minnesota Vikings is his own signature Skol cheer! Situated right behind the goal post, Santa Boe is making a special visit from the North Pole to attend a few games during the 2023-2024 Season. He plans to be there for the ‘Monday Night Football Game’ on November 27th, 2023, dressed as Modern Santa Boe, and again on December 24th, 2023, donning his traditional Santa attire.

To add to the excitement before the game and the sounding of the gjallarhorn (also known as the ‘yelling horn’) just before kickoff, Santa Boe is pictured above playing the Skol drum, a magnificent hand-carved instrument crafted by the talented artisan Curtis Ingvoldstad. This massive drum serves as a prelude to the gjallarhorn, signaling the start of the game. Throughout the game, the drum also plays a crucial role in energizing the crowd.

This is one of Santa Boe’s favorite activities as an ambassador of joy, fun, kindness, and love. Rallying a spirited and joyful atmosphere is his specialty!

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