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Minnesota Vikings Santa!

Minnesota Vikings Santa has been a Vikings fan for quite some time.

Back when the Minnesota Vikings were known as “The Purple People Eaters” the elves thought Santa should have a souvenir of his favorite team. The elves made a button for the Vikings Santa that read, “40 for 60 for 70” so he could display it proudly and let everybody know that Santa’s favorite team is the Minnesota Vikings. 

The Purple People Eaters were the most fearsome front four in the National Football League in the late 60’s through the 70’s. 

Up at the North Pole Minnesota Vikings Santa is the Quarterback of the North Polar Bears football team. Santa is blessed to have a HUGE offensive line to protect him and his elves when playing against the South Pole Walruses. Santa and the elves just love to run trick plays of the Minnesota Vikings in practice and then use them in their North Polar Bear games as Santa leads them onto victory.

It’s no wonder that the Minnesota Vikings are Santa’s favorite team!

Minnesota Wild Santa

Minnesota Wild Santa loves to play hockey and he of course is the starting center for the North Pole Flying Reindeer.

Fellow teammates include athletic elves, reindeer, walruses, seals and a polar bear as the goalie.

Minnesota Wild Santa enjoys every game against the South Pole Penguins. The South Pole Penguins with their orcas, penguins, and seals are a tough team to beat, but the Minnesota Wild Santa always has an elf or two with a trick shot that makes the game more fun and usually brings home a victory.